In nearly 20 years of professional practice I have developed engineering projects of various kinds; treatment of wastewater, solid and industrial waste treatment, the designing of linear works of roads, railways and canals, urbanization, andthe engineering and construction of ports and coasts.

Such projects tend to be funded by the government, either regional or national. However, I have developed numerous projects for private clients and major Spanish and multinational companies requiring these types of comprehensive engineering services (E-On, Decal, Dragados, Ferrovial-Agroman, Endesa, etc.).


Proyectos  realizados


In my last professional stage in the world of civil engineering consultancy, I served as  head of the engineering department, developing customer-focused projects focusing on the private sectordue to the sharp slowdown in government investment in recent years. These support services were characterized by high demands and technical expertise, coupled with tight deadlines and budgetary margins.

The Spanish economic situation is not encouraging, and calls for effort and sacrifice in order to survive in the market. The only way to succeed is to master other languages, be very competitive, reduce overhead costs,  and offer advanced technical services with high added value. We are prepared for this challenge.

Gabriel Chamorro


In 1993 I finished my studies in Public Works Engineering at the University of Extremadura. Subsequently, in 1998 I completed my university education in Civil Engineering in the Polytechnic University of Madrid. My love for the engineering profession has led me to take numerous graduate and masters courses in disciplines as varied as the finite element method, layout of roads, health and safety, ports and coasts, wastewater treatment, etc. I consider myself a very technical person who is multidisciplinary and flexible. I have undertaken numerous projects with solvency in the field of industrial and civil engineering, thanks to the extensive training gained during almost 20 years of experience in the practice of the profession.

Throughout my professional journey I have worked with variousof the most important engineering and construction companies in the country, which has allowed me to develop projects throughout Spain and other countries.

Proven and in possession of the necessary human and technical maturity, I have decided to undertake this adventure in skills and entrepreneurship in a period of great instability and economic crisis but full of challenges for the brave only.