Consulting is not just customer delivery of a project on paper. We believe in working closely with our client, being especially sensitive to their needs and specific way of working.

We provide innovative work in which our technicians are able to integrate into an external organization on a temporary basis until the completion of the project objective. During this period our client will have the sensation of working with a qualified employee of their own organization, more fully involved in achieving the objective.

We have implemented this way of working with our customers, with excellent results, after establishing a relationship of confidence between the two parties.

Reaching such mutual trust is our primary objective. This is one of the main reasons why we decided to call the company:  Gabriel Chamorro, Engineering - Environment – Future, as a way to identify the company with a real-life person, as opposed to a cold organization.

Listado completo de servicios de ingeniería



We develop specific plans for the execution of works and installations describing and calculating all stages of the work, in addition to detailed maintenance plans.


Project Management


We conduct projects regardless of complexity, size and technological innovation, ensuring quality, efficiency and optimal use of resources.